I approach all of my art making with a design-oriented process – after I have an initial idea or problem to solve I do extensive research and sketching, comps and revisions before landing on a finished product. I often enjoy collaborating with others in my creation as I like to always be learning, gaining new insight and inspiration, and developing new skills. My love for learning and the unknown also works its way into the work I create. I tend to choose subjects that I am unfamiliar with to create an opportunity to learn about the given topic extensively and with purpose. 

When observed collectively, I find a lot of my design references the retro in my color choices and illustration styles. I also tend to gravitate toward the natural world and landscape when it comes to my fine art which is no surprise based on my love of nature and hiking. 

Not only is subject matter affected by my fascination with the unfamiliar, so are the mediums in which I work with. I often find myself taking classes and experimenting independently. My most recent interest has been in ceramics which I have taken two series of classes in and have decided to join a studio to pursue this medium more so.